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Services We Provide

The Home Benefit is a “one stop shop” for individual financial wellness and beyond!

Some services include:

  • Free property analysis, including a net proceed sheet for members that are looking to sell their property.
  • Free mortgage evaluations for members that may be looking to lower their monthly housing expense in this low rate environment, or consolidate debt, or save thousands in interest by shortening the loan term to a 15 year mortgage.
  • Full real estate services for buyers, including education on budgeting for a new home, access to down payment assistance programs when available, information on school districts, expected equity projections, and full access to view property listings.
  • Educational platforms for members that may want to buy their first (or next) investment property, understand loan options available to them, and learn how to “build your wealth with real estate”.
  • Discounts on credit repair for employees that may have had their identity stolen, have something detrimental affecting their credit score or a tradeline, collections or judgments that are reporting in error.
  • A reputable title partner that will ensure the member is protected when they buy and sell their largest asset.
  • A knowledgeable team of independent financial planners that can assist in planning for life events and beyond.
  • Free class offerings on topics like:
    • How to achieve a higher credit score
    • How much house payment can I afford
    • Could I benefit from a refinance
    • How to buy your first home using government funds as a down payment source
    • How to navigate and protect your finances while going through a divorce
  • An independent team of insurance agents that will be resourceful in finding lower insurance premiums for members.
  • A trusted team of divorce attorneys that will ensure honesty, integrity and support through a very challenging time in the members life.

Other “niche” professionals such as estate attorneys, additional veteran services, property managers, builders, bankruptcy attorneys, commercial lenders and agents, staging services, simple tax prep, “trades” (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.), remodeling services, personal bankers, bridge loans, reverse mortgages, and many more.

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